#TravelInReality – Week 2

Hey everyone! We’re comin at ya from Phong Nha – in the middle of no where. This is the second post of our #TravelInReality series. If you haven’t read the intro, you can go here. Also, you can read last week’s post here.

We will be answering questions about traveling together as a couple – the good, the bad and the ugly. We’ll be writing week-by-week, and this week we traveled from Nha Trang to Hoi An to Phong Nha in Vietnam. If you have any questions you want us to answer, leave a comment below or send us an email!

1.) Where did you travel to this week, where did you stay (5 star or no star) and how did you get there?

We took the 11 hour over night train from Nha Trang to Danang where we jumped in a taxi for the hour journey to Hoi An and checked into the Phuoc An Hotel (2 star) for two nights. Next we ventured back to Danang and boarded a train to Dong Hoi where we once again jumped in an hour taxi ride to Phong Nha where we checked into the Phong Nha Farmstay.

2.) What was the most challenging part of this week?

KP: Definitely the 10-hour overnight train ride from Nha Trang to Hoi An. Omg, it was one of the worst trips I’ve ever taken. From the smell of cigarettes to a baby screaming, I had a splitting headache the whole time. Not to mention, we were too big for our third tier bunk!

Sam: The overnight train from Nha Trang to Danang was pretty shite. A six-bed sleeper where we had the top bunks, two feet of space to move and breathe the limited amounts of air and a baby that didn’t know how to keep quiet. We both got no sleep and we felt so dirty when we left the train from the old pillows and bed sheets we were forced to use.


Gettin comfy in our sleeper beds.

3.) What was the most annoying thing he/she did this week?

KP: He likes to ask me a million times if I locked the door or the suitcase, then proceeds to show me exactly how to do it, like I’m 12 years old.

Sam: Her frustration when reading directions on a map. Mapping is something I usually will leave up to Kelly because I have no interest in figuring out the problem of getting from A to B. Sometimes its fun to see her get frustrated and angry and blame ‘the map’ or for the worst directions ever. We however always seem to get into an argument over map reading and I try to be a voice of reason, which to her comes off as being rude and all hell breaks loose. Maybe not saying anything at all will be better next time.


Exploring Hoi An

4.) Did you do anything romantic?

KP: Not intentionally, but I’ve noticed that anytime we cross a street, we always reach out for each other’s hand. Pretty sure we’ve done this since our first day in Ho Chi Minh City.

Sam: I told her I loved her each day. I also sat in a store while she had a dress fitted in Hoi An …. That’s pretty romantic. Also gave her a kiss in the Dark Cave in Phong Nha.

5.) What was the number one topic that came up the most?

KP: If it wasn’t about whether there were bugs in our bed or not, then it would be our hopes and fears about job prospects when we get back to the real world.

Sam: Besides discussing our travel logistics… this week Kelly brought up marriage on a couple of occasions. However I just played it off like it was nothing.

KP: In my defense, I brought it up when discussing visa logistics!


Kayaking through flooded rice paddies in Phong Nha

6.) What was the best bar or restaurant you went to?

KP: Hgon Luc in Hoi An. Hands down. It’s a small, two story restaurant on the waters edge with a roof top bar and amazing set menus. For $7, I got an order of Cau Lau (noodle dish), White Rose (minced pork dumpling with garlic) and Fried Wonton – all local and unique to Hoi An. It also came with spring rolls, grilled fish in banana leaf, steamed vegetables and rice. It finished with a chocolate banana pancake. FOR SEVEN DOLLARS!

Sam: The best restaurant would have to have been ‘Café 43’ which is in Hoi An. This authentic Vietnamese family run restaurant has insanely delicious food at the cheapest of prices.

7.) Favourite memory from the week?

KP: Pretty much our entire 3 days in Phong Nha. That place is magical. On our first day, we met two American guys, who we got on with really well, and we explored the area with them. We went exploring through caves, ziplining, motorbiking, swimming, and even got a mud bath inside a cave. It was unreal. Huge thanks to Sean and Peter for being awesome dudes!

Sam: It would have to have been sitting in a hammock up on the cliff line at the Wild Boar Eco Lodge in Phong Nha. The view is stunning photos cant give it justice.


Relaxing at the end of civilisation

9.) If you could tell your partner one thing you wish he/she did differently, what would it be?

KP: I wish he would shave his beard.

Sam: I wish she would wear matching pairs of socks that are not worn inside out. It’s embarrassing.

10.) From 0 to 10, 0 being “I could break up with him/her right now” to 10 being “I could marry him/her right now”, how in love do you feel after this week?

KP: This week was truly incredible. To be honest, we barely even fought, which is saying a lot for two long term travelers who are both really stubborn. I’d say we’re sitting comfortably at a 7/10.

Sam: After her marriage talk earlier this week she lost a point in my books for being pushy. So she is sitting at a comfortable 7/10. Good job pal.

Motorbiking through Phong Nha

Motorbiking through Phong Nha

Fun Fact About Sam/Kelly:

KP: Sam’s deathly afraid of heights. But he went ziplining so I’ve got to give him props for conquering that fear!

Sam: Kelly has a tiny upper lip.


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