Sometimes I sit back and observe others while thinking to myself why on earth are you travelling the world if you look so god damn miserable? Perhaps this may not have been the best idea for you? I mean in reality travel isn’t for everyone and everyone doesn’t enjoy a change from their norm but to not take in the new environment and explore what is on offer seems like a complete waste. Doesn’t it?

Time and time again I have stumbled across people like these in my travels whether attempting to befriend them (with no success), eavesdropping with my headphones in but no music on (a success) or just witnessing from afar. Now the truth behind the tale I can assure you once these people return to their country of residence they will be sure to tell everyone how ‘amazing, fantastic and life changing’ their adventure over the pond was. However in reality they are hiding the truth of an ‘eventful, challenging and well life changing experience’. However might I add there are some people I feel who travel for the wrong reasons to snap a photo next to the Eiffel tower or Niagara Falls however they spend more time getting the ‘shot’ than they do admiring and appreciating what they came to see.


The stunning Great Ocean Road, Australia.

Now I am not at all trying to be completely emotionless I speak from experience as there are some evil challenges, which you face while you are on the road especially if you are travelling solo. These may include feeling homesick, missing important occasions (birthdays, Christmas, new years), losing loved ones and the longing to share these travel experiences with others.

Now I learnt a valuable lesson from a close friend when I was travelling solo throughout the UK and Europe that made me think differently and erase these negative feelings and emotions from my life. The answer

  1. Make new friends!
  2. You are literally travelling and have invested your money so step out of that little bubble you call home and see the world
  3. Travel isn’t usually forever
  4. Engulf yourself in the experience and your surrounding
  5. Home is always a phone call away


This is all so very true. The more you do and stay busy the less time you have to reminisce on home and wonder what the rest of the world is doing. I mean these days its only a scroll away on your smart phone. Travel is usually for a set length of time and there is a light at the end of the tunnel 1, 2 or 3 months chasing summer on some corner of the globe, or working a season abroad skiing. However for some people travelling just doesn’t seem like the right option. Especially when their closest friends accompany them on a trip of a lifetime and cant seem to enjoy the experience.

Recently I was awaiting the arrival of a boat from the island of Koh Tao to arrive in Koh Phan Gan for the full moon party in the coming nights. It was a beautiful day and the sun was high in the sky and I took my seat on a bench awaiting the arrival of the vessel reminiscing on how the past two weeks had been a life changing experience for me. To my immediate left sat a group of five friends from the UK. I sat there for the next thirty minutes listening to a conversation that reeked negativity. As the boat arrived one person from their group remarked ‘there is no way you’re getting me on that’. I struggle to understand how people can be so disconnected from their immediate surroundings and express verbally how they are having such a miserable time in paradise. It makes you think was any research conducted into where they were actually travelling or were they expecting to be collected on a super yacht?


Cool and calm Koh Tao, Thailand.

Throughout Asia I have seen it time and time again with travellers who express rudeness towards the local people. By this I mean talking rudely and demand an order or an explanation as to why their food is cooked in that way or the price is so high. In times like this you just need to take a step back and think where you are, apologise and try again.

Everyone travels for different reasons – for vacation, to find themselves, to lose themselves, love, adventure and thrill to name a few. This is meant to be a time of relaxation and fun, and to see something new when you are so lucky enough to have the ability to do so. So I say to you why not engulf yourself in the experience, do something crazy, speak to a stranger and create a memory as we don’t live forever and travelling is a life choice!

I have been lucky enough to travel since a very young age and don’t see myself stopping any time soon. I have realized when you travel for a short period of time of 14 days or less it is so easy as the time flies by. Before you know it you are a week in and don’t want to leave. Compared to an adventure for 3 months plus you slowly become irritable about certain aspects of travel or life and you must learn to take this in your stride otherwise travel suddenly becomes really hard.


The sun setting from Krabi, Thailand.

Through my travels I have modified and compromised a list of 6 qualities of a poor traveller. This list has been altered over the past seven years of travel and has been determined by those I have met, those I heard stories about and those I was ever so lucky enough to travel with.

  1. Thin Skin (Easily affected by words)
  2. Indecisiveness (I don’t care what we do)
  3. Laziness (Sleep the days away)
  4. Ego (I am better than you)
  5. Emotional Wreck (Cries, bitches and moans)
  6. Selfishness (I don’t want to do that so I am not going to!)

I travel to chase the sunsets and sunrises, laughs and smiles, create new experiences and new friends and construct these ever-lasting memories. Following my dreams, reaching my goals and ticking off my ever growing bucket list in the process.



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