Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, Phuket


I had always been interested in spending a period of time at a fitness camp somewhere around the globe since a young age. As a great period of my life has been spent playing sport and further studying Personal Development Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) Teaching at University I have always had this great interest in fitness and challenging myself at any chance I am given.

Earlier this year I finally saw the opportunity to make this dream a reality and spent one month training at Tiger Muay Thai Training Camp in Phuket, Thailand. Now I had heard mixed reviews from friends and read mixed reviews online, but I just went with my gut feeling and booked.

The week before leaving for Tiger I felt like I was mentally preparing myself for the unknown and found myself watching transformation videos on YouTube and reading more and more reviews of others experiences. Before I knew it I was on a plane and had arrived at Phuket airport where my driver stood holding my name scribbled on a board.


As we drove down towards my accommodation at ‘Two Home hotel’ nearby to the training facility I couldn’t believe the amount of gyms and training facilities that could all be within a kilometer on a tiny little road. I will admit it I was slightly taken back as I really had no idea what I had got myself into. Was I going to quit? Would I be able to get though each day unbroken? Would I see a change?

The next morning I awoke early and made my way up to Tiger and checked in. I was handed a class schedule for the Muay Thai and Fitness classes. These classes didn’t sound too tough with Body Fit, Ocean Blooms Raw Fitness, Cross Training, Olympic Weight Lifting and Combat Conditioning… Oh how I was so wrong. I had prepaid for an all Inclusive Fitness experience, which allowed me to attend all Muay Thai & MMA classes, fitness classes and full access to the indoor and outdoor gym. Each fitness class is 1 hour and the Muay Thai classes run twice a day (morning and afternoon) and last 2.5 hours.


The fitness classes were awesome, mostly targeting cardio, strength and burning fat and had you working at a high intensity for between 20-40 minutes of the workout. I found these workouts extremely positive with constant positive reinforcement and motivational speeches. The added bonus was each class you attended you really had no idea if you would be working individually, in pairs or as a group. The best feeling was at the completion of a class when you’re on your hands and knees, huffing for air, dripping with sweat from head to toe and glance up to look around and see everyone is there with you for their own reasons with a common goal.

I was lucky to become mates with a fellow Aussie on the first day and two Kiwis on the second day. These guys were there for my entire stay which made the time much easier. We all shared meals together on a daily basis, trained together and hung out together by the pool. I was very thankful to have the ability to spend time with these guys as they gave me a newfound drive to push myself harder each day. When we would take part in fitness classes it became a bit of a competition against one and other as to who could do more in the allocated time or who was ‘smashing it out’ better.


The hardest part of my stay at Tiger was to stay strict on my diet, but with a restaurant like ‘Tony’s’ it made life much easier. Tony’s restaurant served healthy portions of food at a cheap price with options such as brown rice with sweet potatoes and chicken breast or protein shakes. Any request you have at Tony’s I can assure you they will do their best to assist you. Here are some other delicious dishes.


Throughout my visit, I stayed strict on my training with a set goal of around 5 hours of fitness 6 times a week with Sunday as a rest day. These 5 hours comprised of Muay Thai classes, fitness classes and gym sessions. I followed my movements each day and week with my Fitbit and aimed for over 20km travelled by foot daily, which I exceeded regularly. When I arrived at Tiger Muay Thai Fitness Training Camp I was feeling heavy and slow on my feet hovering around the 85kg mark. When I left Tiger, I had a smile on my face and felt like I had cleansed my mind body and soul through the strict training and dieting with a loss of 7kg. It was an awesome feeling!


For anyone looking into a Fitness Training Camp, I recommend doing your research and find somewhere that suits your needs. There are many different camps around Thailand and other countries, which offer you classes, accommodation and food options at an affordable price. I went with the Tiger Muay Thai Training Camp as they have a sensational coaching staff across the board and have many international MMA fighters whom attend the camp to better their techniques and skills from the likes of James ‘The Sledge Hammer’ McSweeney, who fought in the UFC and most recently K1. If you immerse yourself in the experience and set solid short term and long term goals, you will leave satisfied with a memory of a great life changing experience. Here’s to making a change in your life and ticking off that bucket list!

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