Review: Rainbow Divers, Nha Trang, Vietnam


After a week of walking around the streets of Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City, I was definitely ready to jump back in the water and explore the big blue. Once arriving in Nha Trang we were quick to head over to the Rainbow Divers Shop and organize our two days of diving.

Rainbow Diver’s are the longest established and only PADI dive center, CDC and IDC’s that operates in Vietnam and have been around for over 17 years. The founder and owner Jeremy Stein was Vietnam’s first PADI Course Director and single handedly created Vietnam’s diving industry. His international teams of dedicated and professional staff work to the best of their abilities to make the experience as memorable as possible for you on each day you dive. Rainbow Diver’s exclusively teach PADI Courses and continue to set a high standard across the board with quality, safety and the number one goal – fun.


The Rainbow Diver’s dive team is one big family with staff members who have been diving between seven to twenty years. Individually they have dove between 6000 – 25, 000 dives each. There is no lack of experience amongst the team and all members are enthusiastic for you to get the most out of each day. The team is made up of people from multilingual backgrounds, which makes it easy for any traveller to communicate any issues they may have. Rainbow Divers further offers a full range of available PADI courses, from Open Water to Instructor and a variety of options for people who want to dive for fun or just snorkel. Rainbow Divers has their own restaurant and bar at two locations.

Rainbow Divers provides all divers with dive gear that is regularly serviced and of great quality. This includes your wetsuit, fins, mask, snorkel, dive computer, BCD, regulator, tank and needed weights. Another great service provided by the Rainbow Divers team is that you are not responsible to set up your own gear. I mean if you really wanted to I am sure you would be able to. Your dive guide will set up your gear then on arrival at the dive sites you will be called upon to head back, jump into your gear, buddy check and proceed into the water. The dive boat is also spacious with a lower and upper sun deck with an onboard toilet, wet and dry area. On each trip, the divers are provided with a complimentary meal which is almost like a buffet with drink options of tea, coffee and fresh water. With food options including freshly made sandwiches, an array of fruit, cakes and muffins.


My two days of diving:

We arrived at the dive shop at 6:30am both mornings to have an early breakfast before heading out to the dive sites. The menu had many options to choose from and the food was delicious. We went with a full breakfast option and banana and chocolate pancakes. Highly recommend! The bus arrived to take the team and divers a short 10-minute drive down to the pier to board the boat. Once climbing aboard the bus we were introduced to Shawn who throughout our time diving with Rainbow Divers was exceptional and operated in the most professional manner at all times. We were also introduced to Colin Parker, who is a National Geographic Photographer and operates as a team member. He snaps photos throughout the dive for purchase later on at a very reasonable price. We were also lucky enough to watch a short video, which showcased his exceptional work and the amazing photos he has taken below sea level.


Once arriving at the pier we were ushered down to the boat where we boarded and got comfortable. Then, we were introduced to the rest of the team and our dive guides for the day. My dive guide’s name was Quyen, and he had been diving for many years with thousands of dives under his belt. He said to me he knew the area like the back of his hand, which reassured me for a great dive. After sliding into my wetsuit and heading out to the dive sites, Quyen showed me our planned dive and let me know of what we may see under the water. This excited me and I couldn’t wait to jump in and head on down. Once arriving at our location the captain tied up and we were in the water before I knew it.


Nha Trang is not known for their large fish; however that being said you never know what you are going to see when you are down there. Many things you will see in the water are much smaller but just as awesome. When speaking with Jeremy he told me that on just one site in Nha Trang there is more species of coral than on the entire Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

On my first dive in Nha Trang, I was lucky enough to see nudibranches, sea horses, frog fish, trigger fish, lion fish, shrimp and many coral formations, just to name a few. I also was taken through a small swim through that was filled with thousands of fish. A moment that will stay with me forever! Once resurfacing I was extremely impressed and had an enormous smile on my face not only because what I had seen, but also this was my longest dive thus far 58 minutes. My confidence was at an all time high as I felt super relaxed the entire time under the water with Quyen.


After a quick second breakfast of sandwiches and muffins I was back in the water for my second dive, which was just as memorable as the first. This dive we spent much more time viewing the different types of corals and their formations and the fish that camouflaged themselves amongst these.

After completing my dive and jumping back aboard, I had the ability to take my seat and not stress about packing up the gear as my dive guide Quyen made quick work of this. Soon we were heading back to the pier, jumped back onto the bus and had arrived back at the dive shop where we logged our dives.

After reflecting on the day I was extremely impressed in the way that Rainbow Divers operated. It was what a 5 star service is supposed to be like – stress free. You are there to dive and have a memorable experience and don’t have to worry about all the setting up and packing down.


Day Two:

After arriving at the shop early in the morning once again, heading by bus to the pier, boarding the boat and meeting the team, before I knew it we were back in the water with our dive guide Quyen. He had informed us of the dive site, our plan and what we may see. Once down below we were graced with excellent visibility for the second time diving with Rainbow Divers. On our first dive we saw cuttlefish, eels, crabs, corals and shrimp as well as many other species of fish.

The second dive is by far my most memorable with the discovery of a large octopus that we spent a great period of the dive patiently waiting for this creature to come out into the open. Unfortunately, it stayed sitting up under a large rock, although we got some great footage on the Go Pro.


After two days of exceptional diving and memories that I will have forever I was very impressed with how everything was managed and fell together. The staff is always happy to help you with a smile on their face. Someone immediately answered any questions I had onboard and you could just see how the Rainbow Diver’s family is so experienced diving and working together. Awesome experience!

After my experience with Rainbow Divers, I wouldn’t just be a return customer. I would highly recommend this dive center to anyone looking to dive anywhere throughout Vietnam. They have many locations throughout Vietnam. The price is reasonable, especially for the service you are provided with. The reputation of Rainbow Divers does speak for itself. You truly get what you pay for with diving and to dive with a company that demonstrates 5 stars across the board in terms of their service, equipment, instruction and guides really makes for a memorable experience.

If you have any inquiries or are looking to dive across Vietnam click the link here


Disclaimer: I was a guest of Rainbow Divers in Nha Trang, Vietnam in exchange for this review. As always, I would never endorse or recommend a service or product that I didn’t honestly enjoy.

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