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After an early morning flight from Miami International Airport with my elderly grandma, we landed in LAX Airport to disembark and find our way to the Qantas First Class Lounge for an extended layover. As we were on the backend of a family wedding in Cartagena, we had to make sure my granny had adequate time in between legs. (Cartagena to Miami, Miami to LAX and LAX to Sydney)

Once arriving at reception, the staff were quick to check each of us into the lounge and insist if we had any questions to please don’t hesitate to ask. On first impression, I was not too sure what to expect although once we found the comfort of the lazy chairs, this was a complete game charger. The 12-hour lay over was going to be nothing but class and comfort.


After collecting the New York Times and Sydney Daily Telegraph from the newsstand I recall looking over at my grandmother who was lying down with her legs out gazing out the window. She was half snoozing half alert and before I knew it one of the staff had taken the initiative to gather together a pot of tea with milk as if they had read her mind and placed this next to her. To say I was impressed is an understatement, true class!

After catching up on the world news, we wandered over to the dining area of the Lounge to indulge in the exquisite menu. No word of a lie, the food is exceptional and the service really makes for a great experience. We greatly enjoyed three meals in the lounge, which were matched with French Champaign, wine, beer and spirits from around the globe. The plates I would highly recommend include:

  1. Salt, Pepper & Chili Calamari
  2. Chicken breast, Nut & Greens
  3. All of the desert options!

These were by far my favourite plates although if we had had longer I would have been sure to make my way through the entire menu.


In between dining and having a beverage with my grandmother, I made use of the high speed WIFI and relaxed in the comfort of the lounge chairs. The staff regularly did the rounds and asked if we needed anything at any time. Several of the Qantas ground staff became very friendly with my grandma, bringing her blankets and pillows to make sure she was comfortable for the full duration of this adventure.

After 10 hours in the Qantas First Class Lounge we ventured out to stretch our legs within LAX airport and make our way to board our flight from LAX back to Sydney. First Class with Qantas is exactly this ‘nothing but class’! Thank you Qantas.


Now a little bit about The Qantas First Class Lounge:

All Qantas First Class Flyers are welcome into the lounge and are welcome to bring one guest as long as they are flying on the same flight. I would say the dress code is somewhat smart casual however once you leave the lounge as like every other flyer you take the time to freshen up in the showering facilities within the lounge and change into comfier clothing options.

When you check in, the staff will be sure to ask if you would like assistance to board your flight and will make sure there is a ground staff member to escort you.


The Lounge has everything you would ever need on a layover. There is a vast amount of seating options scattered throughout the lounge aimed at relaxation, dining or business. The lounge offers customers the ability to self-serve their own beverages (tea, coffee, water, wine and beer), and also has the option to place an order with a staff member.

The bar is extravagant with many options from around the globe with friendly bar staff that will make sure to meet all your needs. Even the fussiest of eaters and drinking will find what they’re looking for.


The Qantas First Class Lounge also offers meeting rooms that can be booked at reception for those who are busy on business trips. The bathroom and showering facilities are excellent and really add to the overall experience of long layovers where all you want to do is freshen up before boarding onto your second flight.

Both my elderly grandma and myself were extremely impressed with the Qantas First Class Lounge in LAX Airport. The experience was exceptional with great food, service and facilities that met all of our needs and more.

To check out the Qantas Lounges click here.

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