Review: Mejico Bangkok, Thailand

Earlier in the year we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to dine with the Mejico Restaurant in Sydney and this was a very memorable experience. The food, drinks and customer service were flawless from the moment we entered their doors and we left feeling very captivated with the whole experience.

So as we arrived in Bangkok we saw no better opportunity than to dine with the new Mejico Restaurant, which had opened its doors in December 2014. This modern Mexican restaurant is centrally located within the Central World Mall and has an “upbeat atmosphere, friendly service and authentic flavors.” These are their own words and I guarantee they are nothing but the truth. Mejico’s motto really says it all ‘from market to table, this is how we eat!’

As we arrived at Mejico, we were greeted by friendly faces at the door who lead us to our table and seated us. This restaurant is stunning with such a cool vibe and rustic feel with cane hanging lights, vibrant colours splashed on the wall and trendy décor. Mejico really knows how to captivate the eye. The layout of the restaurant really adds to the experience with indoor and outdoor seating, a huge Tequila bar and large kitchen visible through their big glass windows. There is nothing like watching the chefs do what they do best to create exquisite tastes.


After being seated we were lucky enough to speak with the Head Chef, Martin, who comes from Mexico and have his recommendations on what food options would truly blow us away. Martin discussed how the flavors of Mejico Bangkok has a different twist to Sydney as each location uses as much of the local produce as possible to create each dish, which in turn creates different flavors. From conversation with Martin you could really see his passion for Mexican cuisine and how keeping this as authentic as possible is extremely important.

After discussing dishes and recommendations with Martin we took a few moments to look over the menu and everything just seemed to jump up off the page. Each dish looked so delicious and appealing that it made it extremely hard to make decisions especially at times of indecisiveness. After hemming and hawing, we had made our decision and placed our order.

First to arrive were our drinks which included a ‘Mejico Bangkok’s Signature Margarita’ which looked and tasted delightful with a drop of coconut to keep the local twist present. Now one of the coolest things about Mejico is their drinking game where you choose a ‘Price, Intensity and Flavor’ on a wheel. Once this has been done the final number will match to a tequila shot or drink that can be made using Tequilas or other liquors from around the globe. Really, really cool! So for example I chose Price – cultured, Intensity – scaredy cat and Flavor – woody, which left me with a tasty tequila shot and chaser.


The food began to arrive with one of their signature entrees of Guacamole and banana chips, which is smashed tableside. The General Manager, Dayna talked us through the process of smashing the guacamole and created this dish in front of our eyes. From first taste this dish brought back fabulous memories of Mejico Sydney however there was a twist to the flavor with the adding of pumpkin seeds. Yum, yum, yum!


Our next dish was from the Mejico raw bar menu, ‘Carpaccio’. This dish is created from seared spiced beef, tajin capers, fennel, jalapeno dressing and seasoned vegatables. Just reading this off the menu had my taste buds going and let me tell you I was not at all disappointed. An absolute explosion of tastes that go so well together and had me wanting more!


Soon to follow was our order of Tacos, which for me was a hard decision to be had so I decided to get both the ‘Chicken and Chorizo’ and ‘Soft Shell Crab’ Tacos. These come in pairs so are perfect to share with others to mix and match as Kelly and myself did. These tacos were unbelievably good and once again I was looking at my plate thinking should have I ate that a little slower to truly appreciate the taste. Excitement had definitely got the best of me!


After sitting back and admiring the beauty of the restaurant our main dishes made their way to our table, which consisted of a Lamb Shank and Agave Glazed Carrots. The Lamb Shank is accompanied with Mole de Olla sauce and crispy sweet potato chips and with the recommendation of both Martin and Dayna this was accompanied with taco wraps, onions, lime and herbs. If we wished to be as authentic Mexican as possible we would need to create our own wraps using our main dish. I was quick to jump at the idea, and I was not at all disappointed. The Lamb just fell off the bone and was so tender and delicious. I highly recommend this dish when dining at Mejico.


Last but not least our desert from Mejico’s Signature Dishes ‘Churros Fondue’ which we were told was a big twist from the Mejico Sydney’s dish. From the moment the desert rested on our table accompanied by a coffee I was speechless. The dish was presented beautifully and I almost felt guilty pulling this apart and eating it. The flavors and presentation were striking.


After consuming the last slither of Churros I arched back in my seat and reflected on the stunning meal we had just had and was blown away once again with Mejico. The standard that is set both in Bangkok and Sydney is something special and you can really see the passion the Chefs have for the Mexican cuisine as this is evident in the food that is served. Their menu has many different options for all kinds of fussy eaters and you will not leave disappointed. The Mejico Bangkok Restaurant left me once again smiling and wanting more. I will be sure to return in the near future and highly recommend anyone searching for a meal that will leave an everlasting impression to make a booking at Mejico and experience what I have been so lucky enough to be able to have experienced.

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Disclaimer: I was a guest of Mejico Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand in exchange for this review. As always, I would never endorse or recommend a service or product that I didn’t honestly enjoy.

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