Top 5 Things To Do In Penang, Malaysia

  1. The Penang National Park

If you are looking to have an awesome day out and about exploring nature then this is defiantly up your alley. Easily accessible by bus, the Penang National Park has so much to offer for all types of travellers. It’s also free. With several options from hiking along trails (2km-5km one way) to boat rides around the National Park this is a destination not be missed. Take note the trails are on uneven surfaces and can be quite a challenge for some. The route we took included an hour and a half trek to Turtle Beach to the turtle sanctuary. From here we boarded a boat for $13 and discovered the coastline and were dropped at Monkey Beach. This beach indeed has just that monkeys, water sport options and small restaurants and bars. I would suggest if you are not up for a great hike back to the gates of the National Park then elect to jump back onto a boat. The hike is very challenging with many areas under construction.



  1. Georgetown Street Art

Georgetown is best known for its spectacular pieces of street art, which decorate its walls and side walks. Easily accessible by foot or bicycle you could spend an entire day roaming the alleys and streets discovering each and every piece of street art Georgetown has to offer. The street art ranges from unusual wire frame art to large-scale paintings. Defiantly a day well spent.



  1. Khloo Kongsi Clan House

Recognised as one of the oldest clan houses in Penang, The Khloo Kongst Clan House can be found in the midst of Georgetown and is a beautiful piece of architecture. For a small cost of $3 you can wander about the property inside and out and learn more about the Chinese influence in Malaysia.



  1. Dine at the Eastern & Oriental Hotel

This is a serious gastronomical experience in Penang, and I can promise you will leave extremely satisfied. The Eastern & Oriental Hotel offers buffet meals throughout the day that have an array of local and international dishes. We made a reservation for the buffet dinner arriving at 7pm and did not leave until close at 10:30pm. An unbelievably delicious meal!



  1. Night Markets (Street Food)

Be sure to jump online and check out where each night’s market is located as there are several scattered across the city, which offer all types of authentic Penang dishes. It just comes down to what you’re in the mood for. My recommendation is to attend the ‘Farlim Night Market’ on Wednesday nights, where they serve up dishes like char koay kak, Japanese pancakes, lok-lok and many more. Although I will say this market gets quite busy as it’s a local’s favourite!

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