My 7 Essentials For Travel


As we travel we usually pack items that we think are going to be of a benefit to us at some stage on our journey. Yet half the items we do pack are indeed of little to no use at all to us throughout our trip and may never actually leave our bags. These items are additional dead weight that we have to lug in and out of airports, taxis and hotels. Ask yourself this question do you really need those additional changes of clothing or that hair dryer?

Besides packing the basics I have comprised a list of items, which I feel are essential for travel. These items are easily attainable and add to the experience of venturing around the globe.

  1. GoPro

I feel like I should be a sales rep for GoPro. I can’t get enough of this awesome piece of technology and the ability it has to capture awesome moments. Now your memories may last a lifetime but a picture or video clip will guarantee this. The GoPro may seem a little bit pricey to some however the fun you can have with this and the footage you can capture is remarkable. For the past year I have used my GoPro across the globe above and below sea level and have had no problems at all. I see this item as an investment for travel and if your serious about capturing moments you should seriously consider investing as well. These can be found online and at all good surf stores and technology outlets.


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  1. Universal Charger

I have left home on big trips and forgot my universal charger which is an absolute buzz kill when your stuck at a lay over in the middle of no where and just want to browse the net, and your electronics are out of battery. These are easy to pick up online or at a travel store for a small fee. Most of the modern chargers come with built in USB charger points and multiple power points.


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  1. Combination Locks

These will only cost you a couple bucks from most big stores. Now don’t get yourself locks with keys because losing the key means your now faced with a locked bag. Take the time and find a four-digit combination lock. It’s very simple and easy. These are useful to lock your bags while you travel, lock your lockers at hostels, swimming pools wherever you are looking to store your valuables.


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  1. Diving Cert (Open Water/Advanced)

This has been a valuable qualification to have as I travel. I preach to anyone looking to travel any coastline to invest in the time to complete your SCUBA diving course. Whether this is PADI or SSI, it’s worth the time and the money. There is nothing like travelling and arriving in locations like Australia’s Great Barrier Reef or Mexico’s Cenotes and having the ability to walk into a dive operator and book a day’s diving or a live aboard. Being certified allows you to be able to explore the underworld not float on the surface wearing a snorkel, mask and life jacket.


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  1. A Lighter

Some may ask the question why? I don’t smoke however many countries when you buy beer the bottles are not twist top so having a lighter handy in your backpack makes for the perfect bottle opener. May even better your chances of meeting that special somebody if they ask you for a light for their cigarette.


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  1. Cash $$$

When travelling I find it much easier to travel with cash than a preloaded bank card which allows you to withdraw from cash points. The preloaded cash cards allows you to withdraw from specific cash points for free however when you are unable to locate these and withdraw cash from a different bank you are hit with a big fee. These fees can be quite ridiculous and add up to a big amount quickly. Whilst I travel through Asia, I find it much easier to bring cash and exchange this for the local currency at a much better rate than any bank could offer me in Australia. I can spend at my own leisure and change as much or as little as I like at a time. Quick Tip – bring big denomination with you as the bigger the note usually the better the rate. For example if you travel with US dollars in Thailand you get a much better rate on the $100 and $50 US notes compares to the $20, $10, $5 and $1’s.


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  1. Decent Shoes

Make sure you have just one pair of decent shoes, which can sustain any terrain. By this I mean a pair of joggers/sneakers which you can wear hiking, white water rafting, bike riding, running, cliff climbing and jumping, walking or whatever you may be doing this one pair of shoes can get you through the day comfortably. Now you may think hey I can buy these when I get there, and this may be true. Why not save yourself the stress of finding them and just pack a pair in your bag just in case. You can buy a decent pair of shoes online from sports stores around the globe for $40-$50.


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