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By far one of the much nicer and more authentic places to travel in Thailand. This little beach town is situated on the coastline in the south of Thailand. It’s a truly peaceful location with so much to offer with a beach that extends for kilometers. There is a wide variety of hotels, restaurants and bars to choose from and an awesome weekend night market a destination that you should make the effort to get to. So if you are looking to take some time and put your feet up my recommendation is to check into Jam Bay and grab a bungalow for a few nights. This place has everything you need with great food options, located on the beach with awesome company and an owner who is the coolest cat in Thailand. Guarantee your stay will be stress free and relaxing!


Khao Sok

Adventurous and love the outdoors? Then this is where you need to get to. Khao Sok holds the record as the oldest evergreen national park in the world! If you’re not sold on this alone then simply searching images of this stunning place is sure to change your mind. Khao Sok is accessible by bus (minivan) from Bangkok, Phuket and Surat Thani with great bungalow accommodation and offers all kinds of daily activities, which include trekking to caves, kayaking, swimming and boating around the large National Park. I highly recommend anyone travelling to Thailand to take the time to adventure to Khao Sok.



This famous beach town in the South of Thailand sees many tourists each year and has stunning beaches, which are only a small boat ride away. Personally I feel the local beaches are a little bit dirty to swim and spend the day. Once you climb aboard a rented boat, make your way to Railay Beach where you will be able to see why this place has such a great reputation with travellers. This beach is a photographer’s best friend with clear blue waters and long tail boats moored on its shores. You have the ability to snorkel here, rent a kayak, sunbake, lay in the water or grab a bite to eat. A day well spent! I would recommend anyone travelling to Krabi to stay at the ‘J Hotel’ which is roughly $12 USD a night and ask for a roof top room. These give you your own roof top deck and stunning views out across to the ocean. There are many great food options scattered across the main beach area.


Koh Tao

If you’re into your diving or are interested in becoming a diver, this is the place to be. With that being said snorkeling here is also a great option for the non-divers. This tiny little island out in the middle of the ocean has a reputation for awesome diving and partying. I can vouch for this. A short ferry ride from Surat Thani, Koh Samui or Koh Phangan will land you on the shores of Koh Tao. This island has lots to offer from countless dive operators who are very competitive with their prices to beach bars who will guarantee you have a great night. If you’re going to make the most of your time on Koh Tao, make sure you dive or snorkel during the days, rent a motorbike and ride to the secluded beaches and head out on the pub crawl. If your looking to SCUBA dive or undertake a course in Koh Tao I would highly recommend La Bombona Dive Centre. Please read my attached review. If you’re looking for accommodation Asia Divers Resort may be what you’re looking for. Click here to read my review.


Koh Phangan

The home of Thailand’s notorious Full Moon Party, which operates each month, is sure to be a destination for anyone feeling like having a bit of fun. The madness begins two nights prior to the Full Moon once people start arriving on its shores and is just one huge party on Haad Rin Beach. If you’re looking to party non-stop, the Haad Rin Beach area is the place for you. If you’re searching for somewhere you may get some sleep, look to the other ends of the island as there are great options. I would recommend staying in the Thong Sala area and renting a scooter to get around the island. Tuk Tuks are easily accessible and the prices are always negotiable. During the night of the Full Moon Party the beach is packed with people, alcohol vendors and fire twirlers and skipping ropes. Just make sure you watch your valuables as unfortunately there are people waiting to pounce at any opportunity.


Koh Samui

This is my least favorite island in the south of Thailand. After travelling here in previous years, each time I arrive back it seems like the authenticity of Thailand is slowly disappearing, especially in the Chaweng area. This area is becoming overpriced and over-travelled by tourists and you can see this in the way people treat the streets and the beaches with the amount of rubbish left behind. There are many other areas to stay in Koh Samui and I suggest anyone looking to get away and relax on a nice beach in Koh Samui to look else where on the island. Many yoga retreats and meditation programs are on this island as well.


Phi Phi Island

This little island has had its fair share of wear and tear from Mother Nature and sees many tourists each year round. With several accommodation options for all types of travellers, the beach bungalows are always a popular sell. Phi Phi Island is all about tucking into a beach bar or laying out relaxing. This island also offers great SCUBA Diving options out to the smaller islands and surrounding areas for around $70 USD for 2 dives. A big seller from Phi Phi Island is their day tour to ‘The Beach’, which includes Monkey Island, snorkeling, cliff jumping and a mandatory bucket of local whiskey. travel-asia-thailand-adventure-guide-phi-phi-island

Chiang Mai

Hands down one of the highlights of Thailand. If you’re looking to escape the coastline and head inland to the jungles of Thailand then this is your destination. Chiang Mai is smack bang in the middle of the jungle with such a rich and thriving culture. Now known as a digital nomad’s hub, this location really has a lot to offer. You can spend your days roaming the streets and entering the countless temples within the city and spend your evenings strolling the night market picking out the local favorites of Khao Soy and Penang Curry to eat.

Chiang Mai offers many day tours to several Elephant Camps scattered around the region however I would highly recommend ‘Bobby’s Elephant Rescue Center’. All of Bobby’s elephants are rescued from Thailand and across the borders and roam free around his property. Once you meet the owner you will see the love he has for the elephants and they have for him. It’s a magical experience not to be missed!

Another great tour operating from Chiang Mai includes the day trip to the Golden Triangle and Wat Rong Khun (White Temple). If you unaware of the Golden Triangle this is where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet and you have the opportunity to jump aboard a board and travel over to step into Laos.

For those who are adventurous, rent a scooter from ‘Pop Riders’ and ride up into the mountains for the day to see Chiang Mai from up in the clouds. The ride up the mountain has some of the best views across Thailand’s jungles and into the city.

Last but not least if your into having a lazy day floating down the river get in contact with the team at ‘Chiang Mai Tubing & Beach Club’ they will be sure to look after your every need. That is right there is tubing in Chiang Mai, Thailand and for the price you will be silly not to jump at the opportunity! Click the link here to check them out! 



For those looking to party and pay the same price as you would for a beer in Australia, then Patong is the place for you. This region of Phuket is known for its over priced bars, ping pong shows, drug use, extortion, prostitution and robbery of tourists. However Phuket also has a much nicer side once you make your way to the areas outside of Patong. These areas are known as Kata and Karon Beach where you can find some of the nicest beaches in Thailand. There are hotels to meet your standard from basic stays to luxury and restaurants and bars to complement this. If you’re looking to get away and put your feet up for a few days I highly recommend booking yourself into Mom Tri’s Villa Royale Hotel. You will not be disappointed.



This booming city is starting to remind me of Sydney, Singapore and Melbourne. With so much infrastructure and development going on, it’s slowly becoming extremely “high-rise.” Bangkok has so much to offer from stunning roof top bars to restaurants that will have your taste buds in a craze. Many travellers are also looking for that big night out and make their way to the backpacker’s area of Khao San Road which has an array of bars and clubs which party until the wee hours of the morning. I will vouch for Khao San Road. It is a good night out with a group of people and is something I feel you have to do at least once in your life. No need to worry if you get hungry on Khao San Road. You will be able to buy the local delicacy of bugs, insects and spiders. Bangkok also has many great shopping centers, which have very cheap food courts with many options for all types of fussy eaters.


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