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The Perfect Dates in Sydney


If you’re looking for the perfect location for a ‘Hot Date’ in Sydney, then you have come to the right place. I’ll start by saying I personally feel when it comes to wooing the perfect girl or just keeping that loved one in your life you need to commit big to the dates as this is essentially how you are going to keep this prospective lover wanting more, so do it right. If you take my advice, you’ll be wining and dining him or her in the best locations, and if you play your cards right, things may escalate quickly.

The blueprint of a perfect date includes the following:

  1. Excellent food
  2. Supply of alcohol (cocktails, wine, beer and spirits)
  3. An exciting atmosphere (live music/music and other people)
  4. A view that is either seen from the venues or a stones throw away
  5. Dress appropriately (Guys tidy up, girls do your thing)
  6. Lots of chatting, smiling and laughing

Now I am not saying you have to follow my advice here; however if you want that magical date where your potential love is taken away by the absolute effort and thought you have gone through, then I’d say choose one of the following:

1.) Mejico Restaurant and Bar


Worried about having an awkward date?

Nothing says wild fun like a genuine Mexican Restaurant situated in the Sydney CBD, Miranda and Bangkok. Mejico is a breathe of fresh air from the moment you enter their front doors. The staff here are not only helpful however knowledgeable of the cuisine, happy and will interact with you throughout your dining. Not sold yet? The Mejico bar boasts over 250 different Tequilas from around the world and with a menu to melt your taste buds you can’t go wrong. My recommendation is to order the set menu and taste the flavors of Mexico.

2.) The Deck, Milsons Point


If you’re trying to woo the women of your dreams or put a smile on the face of your lover, then this is the place for you. With a 5 star view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House you have arrived at one of the most iconic restaurants tucked away on the northern side of Sydney next to Luna Park. The Deck boasts 5 star service, food and drink. If your struggling for conversation look out the windows and I am sure something will come to mind, with a view like this there should be no awkward moments. My recommendation is to call the restaurant prior to arrival and ask nicely for the best seats in the house.

3.) North Head Lookout, Manly


Feeling romantic and want somewhere to roll out the picnic blanket and pop a bottle of champagne with cheese? Then look no further than North Head Lookout. Situated in the National Park up on the headland in Manly this location boasts a view from the Heads across to Watsons Bay and into the city. You will be taken back on how stunning Sydney truly is and if you’re lucky you will catch the glimpse of the huge cruise liners entering Sydney’s Harbour. My recommendation is to keep this one secret as a ‘surprise date’ and head up early afternoon to watch the sunset. Who knows you may get lucky and steal a romantic kiss…

4.) The Grounds, Alexandria


Are you a foodie and a morning person? Then this is exactly what you have been searching for. Nothing says fresh produce and top tier coffee like The Grounds. This hip venue is tucked away in the back of Alexandria and truly is an experience that needs to be had. With a menu accommodating for everyone this is a no brainer. The Grounds serves food all day long from breakfast to lunch and dinner whilst having a bar area, florist and outdoor enclosures with farm animals on show. If you time your “hot date” well I would recommend going on the Farmers Market weekend and arriving early to guarantee yourselves the perfect day. This is one of the more popular venues in Sydney and just the layout and architecture of The Grounds is a talking point.

5.) The Botanist, Kirribilli


Are you one for a dark, tucked away boutique experience? Look no further than The Botanist in Kirribilli. This Tapas Bar is a stone throw from the iconic Sydney Harbour, which boasts some of the most spectacular views across into the city. It’s the perfect landscape for a late night walk after wining and dining up the road. The restaurant and bar give off such a cool, calm and collected vibe and this atmosphere is superb with subtle tunes being played to set the mood. The food is truly made with love and everything on the menu melts in your mouth from the pulled pork sliders to the pizzas. My recommendation is to call and make the reservation a few days in advance to guarantee a table, wine and dine then head down to the harbor side. This may paint the picture for that first kiss.

My last piece of advice:

Speaking from experience I didn’t manage to woo the American (AKA: by asking her to go to the local bar for a drink, well at least I don’t think so. You have to think this one out whilst showing some emotion, keep it cool, be fun and flash a little bit of cash. The way I approach life in terms of ‘hot dates’ is be willing to spend what you would make in a full days work. In all honesty if you spend a few dollars and you’re having the most amazing experience why not spend that little bit more to make the ‘hot date’ that much more memorable. I mean she may be the one!