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How Quitting ‘That Job’ Puts A Smile On Your Dial!

Envision your Monday morning – You awaken from that deep sleep to your alarm making an ungodly noise at an ungodly hour and think ‘I really don’t want to go to work today’, ‘maybe I can snooze for another 10 minutes’, ‘sick day?’, ‘Why! Why! Why!’.

You jump into your attire for the day, brush your teeth, drink that last drop of orange juice and rush out of the house as you’re now running late. You slam the door behind you and run for the train/bus/ferry/whatever form of transportation gets you to the place you don’t want to be.

You climb aboard the overcrowded transportation and take refuge in the back corner. Dig around in your bag or pocket for those headphones so you can eliminate the chances of having to have that conversation with a stranger. You open your phone and start to scroll through your social media platforms then glance up to notice a vast majority of your fellow travellers are doing exactly the same thing.

Your mind begins to wander and you wonder if your fellow commuters are scrolling through their newsfeeds and also envisioning themselves where they’d rather be. From our little screens, we see snaps of people we know travelling to every corner of the globe we could only wish to venture to. We may be analyzing images of the lives we wish we could live. Jealousy quickly snaps you out of your fantasy life and back to reality – the reality where you ask yourself every day ‘How much longer can I do this for?’

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You arrive at your destination to be let down by others around you, overloaded with work that is practically impossible to finish unless there was three of you working around the clock. The hounding continues and you just take it with a nice big smile on your face and the commonly used ‘I am sorry, I’ll get it done’.

You seek guidance and answers from your managers and their response doesn’t assist at all. You think to yourself ‘Did they even understand what I was even saying?’. The feeling of being undervalued within the company starts to hit home. You begin to consider the value of happiness over sadness and the sense of desperation to stay put in this particular job, as you can’t see any other options. Your fingers start to type vigorously seeking answers out there in the World Wide Web. You find bigger and better opportunities out there that may make you significantly happier.

Suddenly, a new “you” comes out to play, and you haven’t really met this you before. This “you” is full of confidence, very outspoken and very intelligent with their choice of words – a “you” that is sick of being treated so poorly and seeks immediate change. Your legs are already moving, and your mind is five more steps ahead. You stride into your boss’s office like you own the place, with a smile from ear to ear, a fresh pep in your step and say those two words every boss never wants to hear ‘I QUIT’. You turn on your stride, as if you have done this on the move, and walk yourself straight out of there!


Now I don’t suggest you take my advice here in every situation because it doesn’t always end nicely – trust me!! You need to consider whether or not you truly care. I mean, the first time I quit a job was when I was 14 years old from a chicken shop, where I use to flip burgers. I didn’t agree with the owner, so I said those two words, and walked out mid shift on a busy weekend. This was the first time of many jobs I’ve walked out on.

Look, every job isn’t for everyone, and for some it takes a little while to realize this, unfortunately. The feeling of being taken advantage of or used, mislead into financially investing yourself, given excuses and lied to over and over isn’t something that sits well with my morals.

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Life is about having fun, creating memories, smiling, laughing and adventuring. Who says work should be work? I believe in challenging myself and growing as an individual, but if you walk into work every day dreading every second, then what’s the point really? Money is only money. Happiness and a regret-free life are priceless. As they say we are only here for a short time, so make the most of the time we have.